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Wealthy Asian Students Make “N**ger Kill List” Plot Murder of Entire Black Student Body

In some troubling news coming out of Cupertino California, an alleged plot to massacre the entire Black student body of Monta Vista High School — created by a group of Asian Teens —  is causing controversy.

The list which was discovered to have the title “N*gger Kill List”, and if executed, the massacre would have wiped out the entire Black Student-Body at the prominent institution, known for sending it’s graduates successfully into Ivy League schools and fields in Silicon Valley.

The Mercury News published a detailed feature on the story, which has not drawn much national attention.

An attorney for the family said administrators failed to disclose the list to black students or to law enforcement authorities when the social media posts first surfaced in September, which the district contends. The lawsuit, filed in Santa Clara Superior Court, also claims the district violated federal and state civil rights claims and state education codes by failing to prevent discrimination against black students and failing to enforce anti-bullying policies.

“The students themselves had no idea that their lives were being threatened,” said community activist Walter Wilson during a press conference Tuesday in San Jose. “The parents had no idea they were sending their kids to school in what they thought was a safe environment, which clearly it was not or may not have been.”

The alleged “kill list,” which was created by 6 to 10 non-black students and shared on Instagram and Snapchat, according to activists and the teen’s attorney, included intentions to “shoot and kill all black students at the high school.” It referred to black students with a racial slur and also included misogynistic comments toward female students.

District and sheriff’s officials did not say whether the offensive list appeared to be a legitimate threat to harm students or an inappropriate attempt at humor. But the activists said they were treating it as a serious threat and likened it to the antisocial ramblings of two students who massacred their classmates in 1999 at Colorado’s Columbine High School.

“This is not a joke,” said Richard Richardson, the girl’s attorney. “This is a credible threat that almost rises to the level of being a criminal threat.”

It has yet to be seen what, if any, repercussions the students will face for allegedly creating the “Kill List”.


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