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Indianapolis Police Solve Murder With Only Facebook Live Evidence

7 thoughts on “Indianapolis Police Solve Murder With Only Facebook Live Evidence”

  1. Timea says:

    Whoever wrote this DID NOT have to say anything about the “black community” ! And they should be stripped from their journalism !

    1. B says:

      They caught the killer specifically because they were FB streaming… How can you miss that? Yes we are streaming every fight we see. We pull our phones out and we don’t help. You literally can see 40+ of US outside filming the fight. Are you saying that the people outside aren’t the black community? That’s BS that you worried about how we look when a father, brother, and friend was killed in this nonsense. During a fight at his own damn party. Grow up.

    2. rachel says:

      It is the black community showcasing these events…who all is in the video showing the fight?? The “black community”. Rather than helping to dissolve the situation, everyone wants to record & laugh…smh.

    3. None ya says:


  2. YoMaMa says:

    There were people there that seen him pull out the gun and shoot him in his back. What a coward move. Who are your sources that they only got Facebook Live footage? A person died. Show respect to their friends and loved one. Killing is NOT okay.

    1. Jack says:

      the sources are linked several times throughout the article

  3. Anquaneke says:

    I have no respect for none that kills I just hope it’s not true and he beat the case but if not he deserve what’s coming to him because he took a family memeber away somebody uncle somebody son somebody Babydaddy somebody friend best friend somebody man it’s just beyond sad and I don’t wish this pain on none I have cheif family in my prayers may justice be served

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