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Hoteps vs The Gay Agenda | The Grapevine

Someone recently put me on this youtube Black-Issues discussion panel “The Grapevine”. Now while the regulars of this show seem to be a little too moisturized in Shea-Butter Feminist lingo for my liking….they did just recently put out an interesting panel discussion recently entitled “Hoteps & The Gay Agenda”

The discussion featured several self-proclaimed feminists and hoteps discussing whether the “Gay Agenda” existed, as well as emasculation of Black Males and whether this was also another imaginary event created by Black Men to oppress Black women.

Honestly, not much seemed to be resolved in this panel. A lot of people shouting over one another, creating false narratives other panelists never once co-signed or agreed with, and heavy use of the words “patriarchy” and “misogyny”

If you want to watch the series for yourself check out the links of the 3 part discussion below

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