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Category Archives: Black Media

Prodigy of Mobb Deep Dead At Age 42

Late breaking news on the loss of a Hip-Hop Icon…     While this story has not been confirmed, judging from various reputable Hip-Hop forums and blogs, and also social media, it appears that this story unfortunately is looking to be true. We will post

Who Needs Black Women? Social Media Cooning

  We take aim on a coon, and his dumb ass meme sweeping social media….   Social Media “celebrity” and admitted Coon & Bedbuck Nessex made a fool of himself with a meme trashing black women that is sweeping the Facebook and social media airwaves.

The Alternate Ending To “Get Out” is More Horrifying — and Realistic

Jordan Peele’s surprise smash-hit “Get Out” captivated audiences and set social media ablaze with it’s intelligent and unprecedented social commentary on race relations in America, using the Horror genre as a vessel for the message. It was hard not to find yourself rooting for the protagonist

Hoteps vs The Gay Agenda | The Grapevine

Someone recently put me on this youtube Black-Issues discussion panel “The Grapevine”. Now while the regulars of this show seem to be a little too moisturized in Shea-Butter Feminist lingo for my liking….they did just recently put out an interesting panel discussion recently entitled “Hoteps