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The Alternate Ending To “Get Out” is More Horrifying — and Realistic

Jordan Peele’s surprise smash-hit “Get Out” captivated audiences and set social media ablaze with it’s intelligent and unprecedented social commentary on race relations in America, using the Horror genre as a vessel for the message. It was hard not to find yourself rooting for the protagonist in the film,  “Chris Washington” (Daniel Kaluuya) even when he was choking a bloodied woman to death with his bare hands at the picture’s intense climax.

The alternate ending to the story was just released, and I have to say that it would have perhaps resinated even more with viewers and touched even further on Police relations and the Prison Industrial System in America. After the heavy content of the film however, it’s hard to disagree with Peele’s decision to end the movie on a brighter note.  Check out the alternate ending below and tell us what you think

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